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Sunday, 1 January 2012

It All Begins With Small Stones

It was back in October that I saw a retweet on Twitter about something called small stones. A little investigating brought me here to Fiona & Kaspa's website & blog. I've always done little bits of writing, but want to do more & the idea of the small stones challenge really sparked my interest. Here is my first small stone of 2012..........

An investigating blackbird tosses aside clumps of grass,

Searching for the elusive insect & deep-buried worm.

He doesn't notice the stalking cat,

Ears like stilts,

On the other side of the glass.


© 2012 Kirsten Alicia Sheridan

1 comment:

  1. Either that or the wretched little thing knows all about glass and is teasing the cat!

    Nice twist though, pleases the reader.


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